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Who we are

With 40 years of collective research and training experience, we have worked with Fortune 500 companies and multinational research agencies, been trained by thought leaders in the fields of competitive intelligence and market research, and delivered insights for different industries and sectors.

Our inspiration comes from the desire to attain a demonstrative social contribution through our expertise. We seek to find knowledge that is not only informative but also instrumental in shaping behaviors, influencing decisions, re-framing arguments and supporting the development of consumers, corporations and communities.

Our services

Cogencia provides strategic insights to businesses and organizations. Our end-to-end market, social and stakeholder services cover the entire delivery cycle from planning to implementation. We support your organization’s effectivity, growth and expansion whether you need market insights or in-house research and strategy capabilities. 

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Our story

Cogencia comes from the word cogency \ˈkō-jən(t)-sē\—the  quality of being clear, logical and sound.

The company was founded by a tight group of seasoned research and training professionals. After years of working for local and multinational corporations, we realized that we can do better in a company with a vision beyond being the biggest but also in one that sees its place in a more meaningful social context. We see ourselves thriving in an environment that celebrates creative thinking, espouses transparency and rewards smart work. We took the next cogent step and built our own company.

Cogencia’s meaning extends now to our services. We want to be the cogent choice of organizations who need to make data-driven decisions and calculated risks. Beyond our services, we offer reliability, effectiveness and a drive to be successful.

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